Krickie, musician in San Francisco bay area, Marin County

The Girl

I moved to northern california in the early 90’s and began performing at local pubs and coffee houses, frequenting the open-mic scenes of san francisco. after living in the city for five years, i achieved my goal of moving to marin county, CA where the beautiful scenery reminded me of my Pacific Northwest roots growing up in washington state. i have resided in california for over 25 years now.

i had a successful nursing career to support my luv of music for 16 years, after which i became overwhelmed with the constant intimate interactions in the specific fields i was working. after losing my job as a nurse in january 2015, i have not returned to this line of work. although i attempted re-entry for the following 6 months after being let go from my last nursing job, none of the various interviews or contacts i reached out to during that time resulted in employment in the field.

since then i’ve adopted a puppy, Blue, who is the absolute luv of my life! even though he was a “rescue” dog, somehow Blue ended up rescuing me. now, i am back to doing babysitting, housesitting, petsitting & pretty much anything else i can do to make a living to survive.

historically, i never depended on music to pay the bills. it was a conscious decision not to put any pressure on the passion i knew wud be a part of my life forever. i don’t regret this decision however, now i feel it wud be amazing to capitalize on the work i have done as a musician thru out my life. so i plan on exploring the possibility of supporting myself thru music in the future someday. i believe it’s never too late.

“It’s all about the music!” -krickie