Krickie, musician in San Francisco bay area, Marin County

Sexy Sunday

Sexy Sunday was a female musician’s showcase featuring hand-picked local as well as traveling performers. I started the show in January of 2005, after being asked by an audience member during one of my Songwriter’s Nites at Peri’s Silver Dollar in Fairfax, “Where are all the girls?” So i decided to begin a nite of music focused on chicks. It was a great success with many wonderful women & their songs over the years. i celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the show in January 2015. Thank you to all the Peris crew: adam, josh, alexis, mike, dan, denise, kk, the patrons, my band mates Miles, Graal & Joe, plus all of the dancing girls, the entire Peris crew & every single fan who ever supported the show! I appreciate you all so very much! Many blessings

For more info about current live music at Peris in fairfax check out: Peri’s Home Page