Krickie, musician in San Francisco bay area, Marin County

Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Welcome to my site. I am a singer/songwriter & i have been playing music for over 20 years. My first album, “Sweet Spell”, is available thru CD baby or you can purchase it at a live show. If you would like to sign up on my gig announcement list then go to my facebook page & make your request to me there, even if we are already friends on FB i need to add you to my gig announcement list on a separate site. comprende? You can also contact me directly about a gig or other music related issue by e-mail @ . Please let me know what you think of my web site & if you have any suggestions to make it better keep i would love to hear about them, really! You can also listen to some of my songs in the music section. Hope you like the sound!

Check out a live show recording of my new band The Cougardogs on my twitter page

I also have a youtube site with three videos so far. check them out! krickie’s youtube site