Krickie, musician in San Francisco bay area, Marin County

Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Welcome to my site. I am a singer/songwriter & i have been writing music for almost 30 years now. My first album, “Sweet Spell”, is available thru CD baby or you can purchase it directly from me by sending me an e-mail @ . my twitter page is located here if you’re interested about the rest of my life beyond music

also, there are some music videos on my youtube site if you search back in the history krickie’s youtube site

currently i am taking a hiatus from doing live performances. as of october 2015, i am no longer hostessing the monthly Sexy Sunday show at Peris in Fairfax. after 10+ years of producing shows at this venue, i am happy to be a supporter of the music & not in charge anymore. i’m not sure how long this new venture in life will last or what my next aspirations will be. i do know that it’s time for me to simplify & get back to the basics of writing music from the experiences of life in nature that have always filled my soul. thank you to everyone who has followed & supported me on this musical journey thru the years. i wish you all the most bright & shiny stars in life wherever you are now & wherever you may go. peace, luv & rock-n-roll! -krickie