Krickie, musician in San Francisco bay area, Marin County

Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Welcome to my site. I am a singer/songwriter & i have been playing music for over 20 years. My first album, “Sweet Spell”, is available thru CD baby or you can purchase it at a live show. If you would like to sign up on my gig announcement list then go to my facebook page & make your request to me there, even if we are already friends on FB i need to add you to my gig announcement list of FB. comprende? You can also contact me directly about a gig or other music related issue by e-mail @ . Please let me know what you think of my web site & if you have any suggestions to make it better keep them to yourself unless you plan on actually making the changes yourself (i would love to hear about them, really!) You can also listen to some of my songs in the music section of this freshly updated web site. Hope you like the sound!

Check out a live show recording of my new band The Cougardogs on my twitter page

I also have a youtube site with three videos so far. check them out! krickie’s youtube site